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Julian Keller
25 October 2008 @ 09:03 pm
I'm back, losers. I'm rooming with the homo so I guess I better not drop anything around here.

So what have I missed?
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Julian Keller
24 October 2008 @ 03:37 pm
Character Information
Name: Julian Keller
Codename: Hellion
Age/DOB: 19/December 20
Affiliations: X-Men
Occupation: Student

Physical Traits:
- 5'10", jet-black hair which is usually styled but sometimes shaggy due to carelessness, blue eyes, average build, muscular, also: fucking sexy.

Alpha-level mutant. Powerful telekinetic, flies at supersonic speeds, can create telekinetic force fields as well as bullet-proof shields, and can unleash telekinetic blasts. Usually wears a low-level invisible telekinetic shield that protects him from certain touch-dependent powers, like those of Rogue's. Also can use his telekinesis on smaller and more fine scales, but prefers big productions, of course.

Julian has an abrasive and for the most part condescending attitude up front, which turns most people off. He values honesty more than the average person and in that case has no problem saying certain things that might offend others.

However, first impressions are hardly ever the entire package. More time spent in Julian's company would tack these onto the list: stubborn, controlling, and a bit insensitive. Only those who stick around long enough would learn of his steadfastness, strong morality and persistence. Julian also happens to be a very caring person underneath all of that.

Forever the ideal moralist, Julian has a mostly optimistic view of the world and sees the good in it. He wants and feels responsible in not only saving it, but protecting it as well. He is a passionate person and although he has trouble letting go of grudges, he has been known to forgive, if not forget.

Julian Keller was born in Beverly Hills, California to William and Elizabeth Keller. He had one older brother, James Keller, who died of a brain tumor recently. Julian developed his powers early and for the most part practiced and used them enough to have them under control before his parents shipped him off to Xavier's.

He has had three girlfriends (five if you count the other two Cuckoos...) during his stay at Mutant High. All relationships ended badly because Julian is, for the most part, a bit emotionally retarded. But we love him anyway.

Currently he is still pining totally over Rogue and avoiding both Amara and Phoebe.

Julian also has a fascination with Josh Foley, as evidence shows: you just don't call somebody a homo and a fag and a queer that often without something fishy going on there... JK, JK. He's totally straight.

Julian's BFFL is Ali Blaire because she's made of fucking awesome. He shares a room with Pyro, who is basically his anti-BFFL. Thankfully (for Julian), John has STDs the Legacy Virus and is currently MIA. Julian speculates John is weeping over his shitty emo disease in a ditch somewhere.

The people who Julian hangs out with deal with him and eventually start to like him a little (or shoot themselves). Julian's closest friends besides Ali are Jono and Kitty.

Several months ago Julian's brother James died and he has been in California until now, spending time with his absent family and sorting out the soap opera that was his life. He's taking the fall semester off, but he'll be hitting the books again in the spring.

RPG Information:
Gizmo/LJ Chat Screenname: hellion_x
Played By/Player Base: Sean Faris
Car: Jaguar XF; silver
Cell phone: iPhone
Clothing: Expensive but not ostentatious clothing. Usually wears jeans, t-shirts and crisp button-downs. Sweats when he feels lazy or tired.

Additional Notes: Julian Keller is totally fly.